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Deemed Consent

Subject to meeting conditions, shops have what is called Deemed Consent for an illuminated sign that advertises their name and services.

If you can answer YES to all of the following questions you already have approval.     

If you answer NO to any question you need to call your local planning office for advice.

1. Answer YES if the proposed siting is NOT in a Conservation area, a National Park, The Norfolk Broads, or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

2. Answer YES if the illuminated sign will be fitted to a wall containing a shop window.

3. Answer YES if this will be your only sign projecting at right angles.

4. Answer YES to confirm that the illuminated sign will not project over a carriageway.

5. Answer YES to confirm that the illuminated sign will be fitted at least 2.5 metres (8'3") above ground level?

6. Answer YES to confirm that the illuminated sign will not be installed more than 4.6 metres (15') above ground level or higher than the bottom of any first floor window.

7. Answer YESto confirm that the illuminated sign will not take up more than 1/6th of your total frontage.

Just to confirm, if you have answered YES to all of the above, you meet the criteria to qualify for Deemed Consent.    

Supporting Information  

1. The illuminated sign surface is not greater than 0.75m2 in area.

2. The illuminated sign does not project more than one metre from a wall.

3. The sign is not more than one metre high.

4. The characters/symbols do not exceed 0.75m in height.

5. The illumination is static and not flashing.

Do you know?

That you will not be undertaking ANY electrical work?

The Illuminated sign has 4 metres of lead and plugs into any 13amp socket - an extension lead can be used but Ri do not supply these. The sign is bolted to the wall and run the lead through the wall.

We recommend that if the customer has a need for any electrical work, they get their contractor to bolt the sign to the wall to save them money.

All electrical work must be done by a qualified tradesman.

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